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Wir helfen ausgewählten Non-Profit-Organisationen dabei, die Welt jeden Tag ein Stück bunter, gesünder und gerechter zu machen. Daher erhalten sie bis auf weiteres 100% unseres Gewinns aus unserer stetig wachsenden premium Basic Shirt-Kollektion. Mehr

Mit Strichen (und) Punkten

Angelehnt an die SOS-Morsezeichen, bestehen alle unsere Designs aus nur sechs Punkten und drei Strichen. Jedes Design unterstützt dabei eine unserer ausgewählten Non-Profit Organisation. Mehr

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uncutbread: The concept of sharing, turned into a business

When I explain to my daughter why it is important to share with others, I often feel like a hypocrite. That concept had somehow evaporated in our everyday life. At least in mine. And, that needs to change now.
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“It’s up to our daily decisions to make a change” – Bea Grubenthal, world traveler & digital normad

Bea has been a digital nomad for the last years. Many travel like Bea did, but only few use their experiences as a valuable tool to not only make a living out of it, but also serve others by doing so.
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„I dream big enough to truly believe that my idea can better the world“ – Charlie Wade, founder Keep Gaia Wild

Carlie Wade is a role model, when it comes to sustainable lifestyle and business ideas. We wanted to know, how starting a business based on an idealistic vision has worked out for her so far.
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