In a Nutshell

What’s happening?

We help others to make the world a better, more beautiful and fairer place every day. Therefore, we share half of our profit with selected non-profit organizations such as the reNature Foundation, the Turtle Foundation, Viva con Agua Sankt Pauli and Madamfo Ghana. Learn more…

Scoring points with dashes

Based on the SOS Morse code, all our designs consist of only six dots and three dashes. Each design supports one of our non-profit organizations mentioned above. More

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Our Principle

We live and love the golden rule and have committed ourselves to responsible management. For us, this means: fair, sustainable production, plastic-free shipping in compostable grass cartons, no unnecessary inserts or the selection of service providers such as UD Media or Tomorrow Bank, who share our commitment to sustainable business. And this is just the beginning. Send us a mail in case of further questions.

New News. Only good stories.

The concept of sharing, turned into a business

When I explain to my daughter why it is important to share with others, I often feel like a hypocrite. That concept had somehow evaporated in our everyday life. At least in mine. And, that needs to change now.

“It’s up to our daily decisions to make a change” – Conversation with Bea Grubenthal, world traveler and digital normad

Bea has been a digital nomad for the last years. Many travel like Bea did, but only few use their experiences as a valuable tool to not only make a living out of it, but also serve others by doing so.

„I dream big enough to truly believe that my idea can ignite real change, that in some way, it can better the world“ – Charlie Wade, founder of Keep Gaia Wild

Carlie Wade is a role model, when it comes to sustainable lifestyle and business ideas. We wanted to know, how starting a business based on an idealistic vision has worked out for her so far.