The young social start-up uncutbread expands its support and gives Madamfo Ghana a share of the profits from the sale of the exclusive organic shirt collection

Munich, February 1, 2020 – The social start-up uncutbread has set itself the task of helping others to better the world bit by bit. After the reNature Foundation, the Turtle Foundation as well as Viva con Agua Sankt Pauli could be won for the project at the beginning, now another well-known non-profit organisation is joining the ranks: Madamfo Ghana.

The aid organization around Bettina Landgrafe has been initiating and driving forward great aid projects in Africa for almost 20 years in line with the motto “helping people to help themselves”. It will receive its own uncutbread design in the style of the SOS Morse code and half of the profit from the sale of the corresponding shirt collection. The selected products are now available in the uncutbread shop.

Bettina Landgrafe, Madamfo Ghana:

“When Anna-Maria reached out and introduced her idea to me, I was immediately thrilled! With such a great personal commitment, we are grateful to be part of it, and our Morse code logo is remarkable in two ways. Firstly, it represents our organization: Madamfo Ghana – Madamfo means friend. But if you take a closer look, the two people reaching out to each other are also an appeal for a more open and cordial interaction on this planet. And the proceeds that will come to us will contribute exactly to this!”

Anna-Maria Fink, uncutbread:

“We are incredibly proud to be able to support another great organization with Madamfo Ghana, which has been working for many years for a better, healthier and more just life for the people of Ghana. It is our goal to make a difference in the world and being able to support Bettina Landgrafe and her team in the future will take us one step further on this long road”.

©uncutbread Shirt with Hand in Hand Design
©Madamfo Ghana
©Madamfo Ghana
©Madamfo Ghana

About uncutbread

uncutbread’s mission is to help others to better the world bit by bit every day. In return, the Social Startup shares half of the profits from the sale of a small, exclusive shirt collection with selected non-profit organizations. Each organization is given its own design, based on the SOS Morse code, consisting of six dots and three dashes. With these designs, the fair and sustainable produced and mostly vegan products are refined and distributed through the uncutbread online shop.
Founder Anna-Maria Fink wants to massively scale up her contribution in the long term and achieve more with uncutbread than her own resources allow. She has already been able to win renowned non-profit organizations such as Viva con Agua Sankt Pauli, the reNature Foundation, the Turtle Foundation and Madamfo Ghana for her project.

Motto: Made to share
Mission: Helping others to better the world
Goal: To make a scalable contribution in the long term, making the world a more colorful, fairer and healthier place bit by bit.
Vision: A future in which companies are also committed to the common good
Foundation: Munich, 2019
Type of enterprise: individual enterprise
Trade mark register: Word and image brand registered in the Union register

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When sharing becomes a business concept

Munich. December-12, 2019 – With the organic shirts from uncutbread, the social start-up puts non-profit organizations in the spotlight and gives them a 50 percent share of the profits.
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