reNature Foundation

Our goal is to regenerate 1 million hectares of degraded land worldwide through agroforestry by 2030. We support local farmers and communities, the private sector and government agencies in the transition to a more nature-based agricultural system that delivers environmental, social and economic benefits. reNature aims to create a renewable resources portfolio for companies and industries that are willing to invest in the responsible production of raw materials.

Felipe Villela, founder of reNature Foundation:

We are very pleased to support the reNature Foundation, which, in addition to numerous inspiring projects using regenerative agro-forestry, is also committed to sustainable eco-fashion and wants to bring about a rethinking of the fashion industry.

As part of the project to which our donations go, reNature is working with FARFARM to create a textile agroforestry with regenerative natural fibres for local communities in the Amazon region of Brazil. Intensive deforestation makes farmers vulnerable to growing monocultures and makes them less food secure. The aim of this project is to diversify agricultural practices with fiber types so that farmers can benefit from food security, the ecosystem and a source of income. The fashion industry is the second largest pollutant in the world due to the amount of pesticides and water it uses. Agroforestry has 76% more biodiversity than conventional agriculture, therefore it does not need pesticides and filters 13% more water underground than conventional agriculture, which makes the system much more water repellent.

We are very happy to support the reNature Foundation. Among other great projects, the team around Felipe is also committed to sustainable eco-fashion and wants to bring about a fundamental rethink in the fashion industry. A perfect complement for us.

Anna Fink, founder uncutbread