We help with 100% of our profit

We are in a state of emergency. This affects some more than others. And again others so strong that they fight not only for their existence, but in the worst case for their life. We are still small, but we want to make our modest contribution and help where we can.

Therefore we support with 100% of our profit from the Heart and Heart to Heart collection those who are fighting tirelessly and at the risk of their health to get us through this crisis as best as possible.

Madamfo Ghana

The team around Bettina Landgrafe works non-stop to prevent the further spread of the corona virus in Ghana as far as possible. To this end, a comprehensive education and sensitisation campaign is being run around necessary hygiene measures and so-called Veronica Bucket Kits – bucket sets for washing hands under running water – are being provided. We support with the full profit from each sold shirt with the hand-in-hand design. And if you want to finance a bucket set for 25 Euro directly, here is the donation page.

Heart Design

Help is now also needed in Germany and Europe. In hospitals and hospices, for small businesses and local shops, for volunteers etc. Therefore the full gross profit from the sale of each shirt with the Heart Design goes to selected organisations, volunteers, clubs, medical institutions etc. Every shirt makes a difference!

Who should we donate to? Who needs our help?
Please send your suggestions to wehelp@uncutbread.com