What is it all about?


uncutbread helps others better the world by sharing 50% of our profits with selected non-profit organizations.

What are we trying to achieve?

We want to bring about significant change and, through our donations, enable our selected organizational partners to realize projects that make the world a better place every day.

What do we wish for the future?

A world with more personal responsibility for our nature, environment and fellow human beings. A world in which companies are not only committed to their own profit, but also to our environment and society.

Fair on principle

Fairness is our top priority. And we think that fairness should be a matter of course not only in our living together, but also towards our nature, our climate and our environment. All our decisions are therefore subject to this principle of fairness. This includes fair production conditions, (mostly) vegan products, environmentally friendly materials, plastic-free shipping of our orders, the selection of partners that pursue the same values etc.

Our Design: Scoring points with dashes

Based on the SOS Morse code, all our designs consist of only six dots and three dashes. Each design supports one of our non-profit organizations.

Small, but highly motivated: our team

We are a small, but great team of passionate idealists, doers and pragmatists who, in addition to their jobs, want to make a small contribution to saving the world. Besides, we do not want to sink into the ground in 20 years, when our children want to know what we have achieved in our life time. Here we go…